Why participate in a Franchise Programme?

The word “franchise” is almost synonymous with dynamic growth. In the United States of America in excess of 40% of all retail sales are attributed to franchised operations. This amounts to over 700 billion dollars per annum.

Business history of Coffee at Burgundy’s

The first Coffee at Burgundy’s brainchild of its founders Hein and Christa Raath, opened in Menlyn Shopping Centre in Pretoria on 13 October 1992. This step was taken after more than 20 years experience in the food and restaurant industry. Coffee at Burgundy’s with its well known slogan, Great Food!, has captivated the imagination of the public and the industry alike, with its unique concept and original ground breaking ideas.

Coffee at Burgundy’s has introduce the South African to an upmarket licensed food outlet where main courses, light meals, low fat, health section, coffees and home baked cakes are served to the connoisseur in an upmarket friendly atmosphere.

Financial services support

Coffee at Burgundy’s Franchises Pty. Ltd will assist you in developing efficient store control systems for your franchise. Standard procedures designed specifically for a Coffee at Burgundy’s operation will be made available for these purposes.

What the Coffee at Burgundy’s Franchise Programme Offers 

Opportunity to participate in a new concept with immense scope for personal growth. The management team is committed to establishing Coffee at Burgundy’s and other concepts throughout South Africa on a strategically planned and marketing driven programme that includes individuals or owner operators that have the desire to succeed.

Outstanding products with ongoing food technology support. All Coffee at Burgundy’s products are of the highest quality. Ongoing research and development programmes will ensure that the highest standards are maintained whilst innovative new products will be developed to meet ever changing needs of the market 

Marketing Support

The Coffee at Burgundy’s team is highly qualified and experienced in food marketing. Innovative and accurately targeted marketing programmes that are cost efficient will be implemented by Coffee at Burgundy’s management team on an ongoing basis.

Field Service Support

Coffee at Burgundy’s representatives will offer operational assistance. These representatives will work closely with each new franchisee prior to the opening with selected suppliers; trains staff and supervise the start of operations. Scheduled visits will be made to monitor operational standards and consult with the franchisee on a regular basis as the operation grows. A comprehensive programme of formal visits, inspections and reports conducted by management of Coffee at Burgundy’s and mystery clients assist you in the maintenance and improvement of standards. This is obviously in your best interest and should be seen as a valuable service provided by Coffee at Burgundy’s management. During the first 14 days of opening a new store, operational assistance will be offered to you on a daily basis.

Purchasing Support

Coffee at Burgundy’s franchisee will enjoy the benefits of being serviced by the Franchisors list of tested wholesalers and hand picked private entrepreneurs in their specific field. Although the Franchisors believe mainly in free market principle they are always busy on a daily basis to obtain the best prices for their franchisees.

Service / Trademarks / Retailers

The real value of our franchise lies in the trademark, high standards and methods of operation, our basic products, concept and image, intellectual property rights, our licensed products, our principal products, which all contribute to a business of selling an established tried and tested business system. The franchise package consists of a business concept. We offer good quality coffees, cakes, main courses, light meals, low fat and organic choices at favourable market related prices within an up market exclusive atmosphere which is unique. 

Support System

We provide the franchisee in:

  • Assistance in site selection
  • Assistance in negotiating the lease for approved premises
  • Detailed drawing of the building, plumbing, electrical and ventilation plans and specifications.
  • Shop fitting – seating and layout together with décor design
     Guidance in selection of employees
  • Training of franchisee, management and staff prior to the opening
  • Ongoing training after opening and our constant support for the duration of the franchise agreement
  • Main advantages to the Franchisee
  • After the shop is up and running the Franchisee receives the following ongoing assistance and benefits:

Initial and ongoing training 

 - Joint purchasing
 - Joint advertising
 - Operational support
 - Quality control
 - Market surveys
 - Product development
 - Support services 
 - Out of reach of individual outlets


At Coffee at Burgundy’s it is understood that for most people the decision to embark on a career in the Restaurant / Coffee shop industry is a major one, although it is an industry that is largely untapped in our country. They are sensitive to individual needs and to the realities o business in the industry. Coffee at Burgundy’s offer the benefit of hindsight coupled with a business philosophy based on experience, conservative financial policies and a commitment to perfection and extremely high standards maintained at all times in all the services and products they provide. Remember our franchise philosophy is based on the win/win principal.


Training is completed at Pretoria and in your store (when possible) and encompasses every aspect of our business. The training last for approximately 5 weeks and it is compulsory that training is completed prior to opening your store.

Why are we different and why is our concept so successful?

Our shops have a relaxed continental flow with a high quality in all our various sections. The menu is very creative and very effective. There is also a specially designed menu suitable for diabetics, persons with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, low blood sugar and the health conscious as well as an organic section with organic meals and wines. This is all backed up by excellence service.


The concept is so unique that it has drawn national and international claim for various people visiting the shops. The staff are trained and retrained on a weekly basis to provide quality serviced to the customers. Research is done on a monthly basis and menu changes take place twice per annum. High standards are maintained and monitored by ways of customer cards and various mystery clients reporting back on a weekly basis after visits to our shops.

There are 16 identities nation wide (end of 2006), and this is also supported by a strong group of individuals who are actively involved in the day to day running of the franchise company.

Our Success Formula

* Class instead of mass
* Successful brand name
* Excellent locations
* Clean Kitchens
* Outstanding service
* Excellent concept
* Excellent products
* Loyal clients
* Bilingual staff
* Innovative ideas
* Best value for money 

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